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The Minister for Constitutional Reforms of Italy, Maria Maria Boschi(photomontage of the photograph)
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NDI survey
Nino Lomjaria and Baia Pataraia "at "Pirveli Press Club"
Paata Davitaia at "Pirveli Press Club"
Ambassadorial 2016
Ambassadorial 2016
Nikoloz Mzhavanadze at "Pirweli Press Club"
Beka Kiria and Mariam Takaishvili "at "Pirweli Press Club"
Alexander Kobaidze at "Pirweli Press Club"
Tamar Chiburdanidze at "Pirweli Press Club"
Khatuna Machavariani at "Pirweli Press Club"
Mikheil Dundua at "Pirweli Press Club"
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