Marine Mizandari to appeal against the decree on her resignation

12 February 08:01
11 February 14:18
As a former Deputy Minister of Culture stated at "Pirveli Press Club", she would apply to the court after consultation with the GYLA.

"The reason specified in the decree on resignation is unclear. I do not want this precedent to be left without reaction. My duty is to tell the truth and if there’s a mistake that has to be revealed, it should be done from both sides. I am sorry that it has happened. I really could work for the benefit of the country and do a lot of useful work. My departure from the Ministry will be harmful for the affair and I am not saying this about myself as I have an exaggerated sense of my abilities, the Ministry does not merely have the professional staff,"-Mizandari said. The Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili approved the request of the Minister of Culture, Guram Odisharia on his Deputy Marine Mizandari’s resignation yesterday. According to the decree, the First Deputy Minister of Culture Marine Mizandari has been resigned on the basis of Article 99, paragraph 3 of the Law of Georgia on Public Service, which implies a gross violation of the official duties.
David Jalaghonia
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