Flu vaccination will be free for all citizens of Georgia - Amiran Gamkrelidze

დაავადებათა კონტროლის ცენტრის დირექტორი, 2020

“The flu vaccination will be free for all citizens of Georgia,” Amiran Gamkrelidze, director of the National Center for Disease Control, told reporters.

“First of all, the vaccine is used for risk groups, these are the elderly, people on dialysis, people living with AIDS, hepatitis, as well as medical workers, teachers, etc.

Now we are expanding this list, tomorrow there will be a corresponding decree so that everyone, not only risk groups, but everyone can be vaccinated without restrictions. It is advisable to vaccinate everyone before December 15th. At this stage, 90 thousand people have been vaccinated, we still have 100-110 thousand doses of flu vaccines,” - Amiran Gamkrelidze said.