Bloody showdown between doctors in Tbilisi occurred because of the remote control from the air conditioner - lawyer


The human rights activist of the detained 76-year-old doctor Teimuraz Bezhanidze claims that the confrontation between the doctors began because of the air conditioner remote control.
According to the lawyer, the arrested doctor did not intend to kill the director and entered the office with a gun only to scare the director.

“The director moved him to another office, and there was no air conditioning, and he said that the air conditioner should be moved there, but the director did not allow him to do so. The clinic did not buy this air conditioner, it was bought with my client's money. So he took away the remote control from the director and said that he would return the remote control to him if he returned the air conditioner to him or installed a new air conditioner. But neither of these happened.
After that, the director told him that he was fired, after which the insults began, and after a verbal altercation, he took out the pistol he had with him and fired a shot to scare the director. He himself says that if he wanted to kill this man, then no one would have prevented him from doing this, because the director was standing right in front of him, but he shot in the other direction, and he doesn’t know what happened after, ”says the lawyer.
Recall that on August 5, in one of the clinics in Tbilisi, a doctor wounded the head of the department with a pistol. Law enforcement officers detained the suspect shortly after the incident. Suspected Teimuraz Bezhanidze is under investigation on charges of committing a crime under Article 108 of the Civil Code - "attempted murder". If the detainee's guilt is proven, he faces 10 to 15 years in prison.