Coal quarry collapsed in Tkibuli - 2 people turned out to be under the ruins

ტყიბულის მაღარო

A coal mine collapsed in Tkibuli. 2 people were buried under the ground.

“The Public Security Directorate Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs received information about an incident at one of the mines in Tkibuli. During the work to strengthen the quarry, a mass of earth collapsed, while there were two workers in the mine.

As soon as the incident was reported, the Emergency Management Service response teams went to the scene and began an active search and rescue operation.

As a result, they managed to get to one of the miners underground. Communication has been established with him and measures are being taken to evacuate him to a safe place. In parallel, a search and rescue operation is being carried out to rescue the second worker.

Emergency management teams from Imereti and the Main Department of Emergency Situations are working at the scene. "The specialists of the Central Coordination Directorate have been mobilized", the message says.

საქართველოს მესამე პრეზიდენტი, 2020

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