The State Security Service searched 8 houses and 4 cars of Soso Gogashvili

სოსო გოგაშვილი

The State Security Service of Georgia publishes a statement on the case of former First Deputy Head of the Georgian Security Service Soso Gogashvili. Searches were carried out in 8 houses and 4 cars belonging to Gogashvili and his family members.

“The General Inspectorate of the State Security Service on the fact of encroachment on personal data using official position, within the framework of the current criminal case, in accordance with Article 157 of the fourth part of the Criminal Code of Georgia, “encroachment on personal data” (Article 157-part IV) on on the basis of evidence obtained as a result of a search conducted on the basis of a judge’s decision, detained the former deputy head of the State Security Service, Iosif (Soso) Gogashvili, for “illegal acquisition and possession of firearms and ammunition” (Part III of Article 236 of the Criminal Code of Georgia) and “exceeding official authority” ( part 1 of article 333 of the Criminal Code of Georgia).

The investigation established that the former first deputy head of the State Security Service, Iosif Gogashvili, using his position and connections in the past, obtained and disclosed the personal data of specific citizens, thereby contributing to the public dissemination of this information. As a result, the constitutional rights of citizens were violated.
As a result of the evidence collected in the case and additional information received, based on the relevant decisions of the judge of the Tbilisi City Court, employees of the General Inspectorate, the State Security Service and other authorized units of the State Security Service of Georgia, simultaneously searched 8 houses and 4 vehicles in three different municipalities of Georgia belonging to Joseph Gogashvili and members of his family.
As a result of the search, a large number of firearms and ammunition were seized, including two units of unregistered firearms that were in his illegal possession, and three firearms registered to other persons.

As part of the investigation, a large number of materials were also seized, namely computer equipment, other electronic media, as well as documents containing state secrets and personal data.

As for the statements and fragmentary video materials, which show the moment of the search in Goagashvili's house, we inform you that Iosif Gogashvili, before the search in his house, did not obey the lawful demand of the representatives of the State Security Service, did not open the front door. and tried to obstruct the investigative actions according to the decision of the judge, thereby a threat of destruction of material evidence arose.
Based on this, in order to ensure investigative actions and stop the danger to the persons at the scene, proportional measures were taken within the limits determined by law, reports the State Security Service of Georgia.