"Tushia", "Chkhira", "Legva" - in Tbilisi, Chiatura and Sachkhere arrested 8 people associated with the "thieves' world"

თბილისში, ჭიათურასა და საჩხერეში „ქურდულ სამყაროსთან“ კავშირში მყოფი 8 პირი დააკავეს

In Tbilisi, Chiatura and Sachkhere, 8 people associated with the "thieves' world" were arrested.

As a result of comprehensive operational-search activities carried out jointly with the Prosecutor General's Office, employees of the Main Directorate of the Criminal Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for Combating Organized Crime revealed facts of "thieves'" settlement of financial disputes between citizens and eight people were arrested on the basis of a judge's decision in Chiatura, Tbilisi and Sachkhere. Information is disseminated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the following persons were arrested on charges of membership in the thieves' world, an application for membership in the thieves' world and support for the activities of the thieves' world: B.S., born. 1953, convicted in the past, GZ, born in 1960, convicted in the past. (nickname "Tushia"), born in 1976, previously convicted L.T. (nickname “Chkhira”), born in 1963, previously convicted by I.A. (nickname “Legva”), born in 1978, formerly convicted B.K., born in 1974, formerly convicted S.R. K.T. born in 1966 and born in 1991 V. T.

“In the course of the investigation, it was established that the defendants - participants in the “thieves' world” and supporters of the activities of the “thieves' world” actively participated in various criminal activities. On the basis of citizens' appeals, they contacted Georgian thieves in law abroad in order to settle financial disputes between the disputing parties, consider disputes according to thieves' rules and resolve them. They organized "trials", and then personally controlled the execution of the decisions of "thieves in law" and forced one of the parties to the dispute to pay the disputed amount.

As a result of the search, the police seized computer equipment and mobile phones of the defendants as material evidence, with the help of which they communicated with each other and with thieves in law abroad.

Investigation of the facts of membership in the “thieves' world”, appeals to members of the “thieves' world” and support for the activities of the “thieves' world” are conducted under the first part of Article 223 prima, the second part of Article 223 of the third prima and the first part of Article 223 of the fourth chapter of the Criminal Code of Georgia, - noted in the message.

These crimes are punishable by imprisonment for a term of three to 15 years.