Armenian President Armen Sarkisian resigns

სარქისიანი ბაქოში არ იმყოფებოდა

Armenian President Armen Sarkisian has resigned. This is stated in a statement published on its website. “This decision is not at all emotional, it follows a certain logic,” - Sarkisian said.

He noted that the Constitution does not give the President of Armenia the necessary tools to influence political events in the country. “In this difficult time for our state, when national unity is needed, the institution of the presidency should not be the object of gossip and conspiracy theories, thereby diverting public attention from important issues. Today, more than ever, we need meaningful, well-thought-out actions,” Sarkisian wrote. Armen Sarkisian was elected President of Armenia in March 2018. After the constitutional reform of 2015, Armenia switched to a parliamentary form of government. The President performs only representative functions and is elected by Parliament for a term of seven years. Prior to being elected president, Sarkisian was a diplomat and worked in the Armenian embassies in Luxembourg, Belgium, the Vatican and the UK.