Georgia's defense budget exceeds our entire budget - Bzhania

სოხუმის დე ფაქტო ლიდერი ასლან ბჟანია

According to the de facto leader of Sukhumi, Aslan Bzhania, Georgia is still considering the possibility of restoring its territorial integrity. 

According to Bzhania, the security of the occupied Abkhazia is provided by the armed forces of Abkhazia and their connection with the armed forces of Russia.

“As long as we are allies, nothing threatens us. There is a seventh base in Abkhazia, there are Russian border guards, numbering several thousand people. It is very important that they are here, if they were not here, the picture would be very unfavorable.

Not because we are afraid of anyone, we are not afraid of anyone, but because we are right. But much in the world is changing, and revanchist ideas have not gone away. Georgia's defense budget exceeds our national budget," Aslan Bzhania said.

Bzhania accused the United States of trying to establish a new world order, which, in his words, is "slowly approaching the borders of Abkhazia."