"I do not see myself in any of the configurations of the future government" - Saakashvili

მიხეილ სააკაშვილი

According to the third Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, it would be better for the initiative group to work out a campaign for his release, which, on the one hand, will take into account the general political line of the opposition, and on the other hand, will coordinate the current campaign.

"Thank you very much for saving my life. Putin, with the hands of Ivanishvili, is doing everything for my physical liquidation, I am sure of this. If not for your actions, courage and competence of Nino Lomjaria, if not for the unanimity of the opposition and civil society in upholding the country's pro-Western orientation, if not the pressure of the international community, nothing would come of it.

After I was taken hostage, completely banning public relations, deliberately violating all my legal rights, I lost the opportunity to involve the Georgian people in a decisive struggle against the dark Russian regime.

In the Ivanishvili court, I have no chance to get justice. If Ivanishvili really wanted to judge me fairly, he would agree to the impartial and independent court that I proposed. I reiterate this proposal and declare that I, unlike Ivanishvili, am not afraid to openly and publicly appear before a fair trial and defend my case before the Georgian people.

Nevertheless, at least give me the right to an unfair trial and the opportunity to be present at my trials, where I will speak with the Georgian people, and not with Ivanishvili and his puppets.

It is clear that the most effective method of fighting the regime is mass peaceful rallies. As more courageous and tireless we are, as closer we will come to the liberation of our Motherland, amd it will bring freedom not only to me, but also to all those who were forced to leave the country.

In order to dispel the speculation spread by the Georgian Security Service, as well as leave more room for maneuver and more room to focus on the main issue of the opposition parties, I believe that the initiative group would be better off working on my liberation campaign, which will also coordinate the current campaign.

Let me remind you that I do not see myself in any of the configurations of the future government. I believe that by taking me hostage and banning public relations, Ivanishvili not only wants to take revenge on me, but also significantly hinders the formation of a new coalition government through early elections. We must not allow this to happen.

The coming weeks are very important. If we can consolidate, support the political impulse, and fight principledly and selflessly, we will achieve everything. Get everyone involved. Those who cannot go to the action, help the demonstrators with food. Now Ivanishvili will assess any pause as a retreat and defeat, which is physically fatal for me and historically fatal for our Motherland. “Therefore, not a step back, but activity, activity and activity“, Saakashvili said.

The former President Mikheil Saakashvili was detained in Tbilisi on October 1 and transferred to prison No. 12 of Rustavi.

He considers himself a political prisoner and had been on a hunger strike for 50 days since his arrest.

The third president was transferred from Rustavi prison to Gldani prison on  November 8 to prevent deterioration of his health.

On November 18, Mikheil Saakashvili lost consciousness after visiting lawyers and was placed in intensive care.

On November 20, Saakashvili was transferred to the Gori military hospital, after which he ended his hunger strike.