If NATO stops Russia's plans for Ukraine, Russia will react - Zaza Maridashvili

იურისტი ზაზა მარიდაშვილი

“If NATO succeeds and stops Russia’s plans for Ukraine, due to the internal nature of Russia, this will certainly increase Moscow’s desire to response, and there is a chance that this will manifest itself in the Caucasus, and in Georgia in particular,” - a Georgian lawyer wrote on the social network Zaza Maridashvili.

As Maridashvili points out, the current global processes in the world can develop in several directions.

“Two factors must be taken into account: firstly, any retreat of NATO and the concession of positions will automatically lead to a split between the European countries that are members of NATO and the United States, and, consequently, to a significant weakening of NATO; The second is the factor of Russia, which, as before, does not change the imperialist and nationalist tendencies that have historically developed there, and on the other hand, continues to consider any agreement that does not allow it to be an empire a national catastrophe. Based on their geopolitical interests and global politics, neither side will allow decisions that harm its interests;

And yet, if NATO succeeds in frustrating Russia's plans for Ukraine, given Russia's internal nature, it will inevitably increase Russia's desire for a response, the practical manifestation of which has the greatest chance of occurring in the Caucasus and Georgia in particular; That is why today, more than ever, our mobilization and joint efforts to work with international institutions are important. “This is a question when the interests of the state should stand above any narrow political interests and a national agreement should be reached around this,” - wrote Zaza Maridashvili.