"The allegations they made against the US embassy are a nonsensical conspiracy theory," Kelly Degnan on "People's Power's" statement

აშშ-ის ელჩი

US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan responded to the accusations of the leaders of the "People's Power" against her.
According to her, the West is not to blame for the polarization in Georgia, and the US, along with other partners, is trying to help Georgia develop.

“I don’t know exactly what or who this group represents, or how different they are from the ruling party they say they left. All I can say is that the allegations they have made against the American Embassy and others are nonsensical conspiracy theories with no evidence to back them up.

It is important to remember that the American Embassy has been cooperating with all political parties in Georgia for the past 30 years. We also support Georgia in the development of democratic institutions, the economy, so that the country becomes more secure and stable. Any accusations that we are to blame for the polarization that exists in Georgia is an attempt to shift the blame to Western partners who have been helping this country for the past 30 years.

This polarization was here before my arrival, and I invite the Georgian people to look into the past and understand where this polarization came from: Gavrilov's night, broken promises, undemocratic actions, that's where the polarization comes from, not from Western partners," - Kelly Degnan said.

For information, on August 16, members of the "People's Power" issued a statement, which noted that the efforts of the US Embassy are aimed at weakening state institutions in Georgia and strengthening the radical opposition.