"The public no longer believes in Saakashvili, he is politically dead" - Paata Zakareishvili


Political expert, former State Minister for Reconciliation and Civil Equality Paata Zakareishvili spoke about the current political situation in Georgia on the air of Palitranews.

He said that neither side is fighting for the development of the country and their main goal is the struggle for power.

“Neither the Georgian Dream, nor the National Movement allow Georgia to develop democratically. None of these political forces think about the development of the state, both think about power. Today in the country there is a struggle not for the future of the state, but for power, and this is to some extent on the conscience of the National Movement - when you die, you must say that you are dead and leave. What Shevardnadze did in his time, Saakashvili cannot do. When Shevardnadze resigned, he knew that he was politically dead, so he withdrew from the proceedings. The public no longer believes in Saakashvili, he is politically dead. A politician should feel that he is unacceptable for citizens, and Misha is one of those who will run to the end. The only feeling that remained in relation to him is pity, since he is imprisoned.

Saakashvili may be even more guilty than the court determines today, but this court is absolutely not credible, therefore it is not a real instrument for determining Saakashvili's guilt. "The government is satisfied with Saakashvili staying in politics as long as possible," Paata Zakareishvili said.