+34 +36 - weather forecast for the next few days

 ჰაერის ტემპერატურის მაჩვენებელი თერმომეტრი

The Georgian National Environment Agency publishes weather information for the coming days.

According to the National Environment Agency, short-term rains and thunderstorms are expected in some regions of Georgia until July 25.

Variable west wind expected. From July 19 to July 21, the air temperature in the lowlands of Western Georgia will be +20, +25 degrees during the day, and from July 22 it will rise to +23, +28 degrees. On July 19-20, hot weather will continue in the lowland of Eastern Georgia.

The air temperature will be +31, +36 degrees, and from July 21 it will drop to +26, +31 degrees.

Weather in the capital 👇

On July 19-20, it will be rainless in Tbilisi. The air temperature is expected to be +34, +36 degrees, and from July 22, short rains with thunderstorms are possible, and the temperature will drop to +28, +30 degrees. Northwest wind expected.