During the preparation for the events dedicated to the Independence Day on May 26, traffic on some streets of Tbilisi will be limited


"During the preparation for the celebrations dedicated to the Independence Day of Georgia on May 26, the movement of vehicles in the capital will be limited," the Patrol Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia said in a statement.According to the agency, on May 23, from 24:00, traffic will be completely limited on Freedom Square and Rustaveli Avenue up to First Republic Square. Also, traffic will be limited on all streets adjacent to Rustaveli Avenue.

“On May 25 at 24:00, the First Republic Square will be completely closed. Vehicles will be able to move along Baratashvili and Tabukashvili streets in the direction of Merab Kostava and Sanapiro streets.Movement from Mtatsminda will be possible along Asatiani Street in the direction of Gorgasali Square. Traffic will also continue along Kote Abkhazi Street (former Leselidze Street).It is also forbidden to drive along the exit to Baratashvili Street from the right bank of Mtkvari. Vehicles will be able to move in the direction of Vakhtang Gorgasali Street.Moving vehicles from the side of Baratashvili down, after crossing the Baratashvili bridge, will only move along the ramp near the House of Justice, towards the right bank.Vehicles moving in the direction of Mtatsminda will move along Petre Melikishvili, Simon Janashia, Ivane Tarkhnishvili and Tamar Chovelidze streets.The traffic flow following from Ilya Chavchavadze Avenue will be able to continue moving along Petre Melikishvili and Merab Kostava streets towards the coast.Patrol Police Department officers will regulate the flow of vehicles to ensure traffic safety and avoid congestion. If necessary, patrol inspectors will also provide drivers with information on alternative routes. “On May 27, after the scenery is dismantled, restrictions will be completely lifted and traffic will return to normal,” the report says.