“Now is the beach season, the population should follow the recommendations, there are risks of worsening the epidemiological situation,” Alexander Goginava

ინფექციონისტი ალექსანდრე გოგინავა

According to the infectious disease specialist Alexander Goginava, there are risks of worsening the epidemiological situation. However, according to him, the 7th wave will not be as serious as the previous waves.

“Now is the beach season, which means increased mobility, so vacationers must follow certain recommendations. There are risks of the epidemiological situation worsening (especially in autumn), but, in my opinion, the new wave will not be as severe as the previous ones, because in general this strain rarely leads to serious consequences. We also have a mechanism - vaccination, which we must carry out more actively. Our main goal should be the vaccination of risk groups,” said Goginava.