"Russia is not doing any work to annex South Ossetia" - Peskov

პუტინის პრესმდივანი დიმიტრი პესკოვი

“Moscow is not currently doing any work on joining South Ossetia to Russia and the referendum on reflects the mood in the republic,” said Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

When asked whether the Kremlin considers such a referendum appropriate in this situation, Peskov said that "this is a question of the inhabitants and the current leadership of the republic, and here it is rather necessary to focus on their point of view."
"Central Election Commission" so-called. South Ossetia on May 13 approved and sent to the current so-called. to President Bibilov a package of documents on the issue of holding a referendum on the accession of the republic to Russia. Bibilov had earlier scheduled the referendum for July 17.

In turn, Alan Gagloev, who won the “presidential” elections, said that the referendum should be held when Moscow makes it clear that the time has come.”

Alan Gagloev said that Bibilov did not agree with him, as with the elected president, the date of the referendum, and after all, it was Gagloev who would need to carry out the entire set of measures for the referendum.