"Thank you very much for the support of the Abkhaz and Ossetian people" - Bzhania and Gagloev congratulated Putin on his birthday

ბჟანია პუტინი და გაგლოევი

De facto leader of the occupied Abkhazia Aslan Bzhania and de facto head of the so-called South Ossetian Alan Gagloev congratulated Russian President Vladimir Putin on his birthday. Information is distributed by and

"Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! On my own behalf and on behalf of the Abkhazian people, I congratulate you on your birthday! Thanks to your political foresight and making the right decisions, you managed to protect the Russian people and ensure the country's sustainable development. The multinational population of Russia, which has rallied around you, adequately copes with global challenges and threats.

You, Vladimir Vladimirovich, are one of the most influential politicians in the modern world and enjoy the unshakable support of the citizens of your country. Your name is associated with the strengthening of Russian statehood and the rise of Russia's prestige as one of the most powerful powers on the world stage. Abkhazia will always be grateful to you for the contribution you have made to cooperation between Russia and Abkhazia, which is currently of a strategic nature," Bzhaniya wrote.

He wished Putin health and success.

In turn, Alan Gagloev wrote in his congratulatory letter that as a result of Putin's decisive actions, "in 2008, the aggressor was forced to peace."

“As a result of your state vision, efforts and tireless work, Russia has achieved successes that have restored its status as a political leader on the world stage,” Gagloev wrote.

For reference, Vladimir Putin turned 70 on October 7.