"The chances of Saakashvili's release are zero until the power is changed" - Japaridze

პოლიტიკოსი ზურაბ გირჩი ჯაფარიძე

Zurab Japaridze, leader of Girchi - More Freedom, speaks of the third president Mikheil Saakashvili and says that the chances of his release are zero until there is a change of power in Georgia.

According to Japaridze, Saakashvili is no longer young, he has a different experience and different feelings, and the year is not 2003.

The opposition leader says that the reality in the country today is different.

“I understand that supporters of the United National Movement imagine Saakashvili as he was in 2003, young, energetic and so on. Now Saakashvili is a different person. Saakashvili is not young, he has a different experience, and now the reality is different, this is not 2003. Therefore, no one knows what will happen next. “Until the government is replaced, the chances of his release are practically zero,” Japaridze said on the Pirveli TV channel.

Ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili was arrested on October 1 last year. Currently, he is in the 12th penitentiary institution of Rustavi.