What kind of weather do Georgian weather forecasters predict for the coming days?


The National Environment Agency of Georgia publishes information about the expected weather for the coming days.

According to the National Environment Agency, on May 20, cool, windy, and sometimes rainy weather will continue in Georgia.

On May 21, the wind will blow, it will be relatively warm. On May 22, warm weather without precipitation is expected. The air temperature will rise to +24, +29 degrees in the valleys and bars.

On May 23, in the afternoon, short rains with thunderstorms are expected again, at times a strong west wind blows.

Weather in Tbilisi 👇

As for the capital, on May 20, cool and windy weather will continue in Tbilisi.

The wind will blow on May 21, there will be no precipitation until May 23.

The air temperature on May 21 will be +15, +17, +21, +20, +22, and on May 22-23 it will rise to +25, +27.

In the afternoon of May 23, a short thunderstorm is expected with a strong northwest wind.