Arakhamia, Yasko, Goncharenko - Zelensky canceled diplomatic passports of 225 MP-s

ვოლოდიმირ ზელენსკი, დავით არახამია, ლიზა იასკო, ოლექსი გონჩარენკო - უკრაინის ხელისუფლება

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has canceled the diplomatic passports of 225 MP-s of the Verkhovna Rada. Among them are deputies David Arakhamia, Liza Yasko and Aleksey Goncharenko. Information about this spreads "Unian".

According to this information, the cancellation of passports affected those deputies who "did not submit documents to the Foreign Ministry after business trips abroad."

“In the near future, the passports of those deputies who did not hand over their passports to the Foreign Ministry after business trips will be cancelled. They say that Zelensky is very angry that the deputies go abroad during the war, ” the Telegram channel "UP. off the record"writes. 

According to "Unian", after the visit of some deputies abroad, a scandal erupted. For example, Nikolai Tishchenko, a member of the ruling Servant of the People faction, was spotted at a charity dinner in the Czech Republic, after which a wave of criticism against him swept through social networks.