EU will not be divided by gas cuts - Annalena Baerbock

გერმანიის საგარეო საქმეთა მინისტრი ანალენა ბაერბოკი

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock welcomed efforts to coordinate gas saving measures across the European Union on Tuesday, stressing that the bloc would stand united as Russia further throttles its gas supply to Germany and beyond.

"We will not be divided because gas is scarce, instead we stand together, and that is the most important signal to the Russian president,"  - Baerbock said in Prague following talks with her Czech counterpart.

For information, despite the fact that Russia resumed the operation of "North Stream 1" after a 10-day shutdown, Europe is still facing an energy crisis.

As winter approaches, many European countries may face a number of problems.

All this is happening because Russia has already reduced the supply of natural gas to Europe. Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned Europeans that this number may decrease again.