Siamese twins separated using virtual reality technology

სიამის ტყუპები

Siamese twins separated in Brazil. For the first time in history, virtual reality computer technologies were used for this. It is reported by the BBC.

Three-year-old Bernardo and Arthur Lim were operated on in Rio de Janeiro. The twins were bound by their heads.

The medical team that performed the operation spent several months creating a virtual projection of the twins based on computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.

Surgeon Noor Owase Jilani called it "a space age event."

The twins underwent a total of 7 surgeries, the last one lasting 27 hours. In total, 100 doctors participated in this process.

According to the surgeon Jilani, thanks to the projection of virtual reality, it was possible to carefully study the anatomy of children before the operation in order to avoid unnecessary risks during the operation itself.

These operations are considered the most complex in the world to date, and all previous attempts to separate these twins have failed. The surgeon says he was "absolutely devastated" after the 27-hour operation, as he only had four 15-minute breaks to drink water, but it was amazing to see the family "over the moon" after the successful operation.

According to the doctor, when the twins were separated, their blood pressure increased. When the doctors laid the twins side by side and they touched each other with their hands, the pressure stabilized.

Siamese twins are boys. After separation, the process of their rehabilitation will last 6 months. Further, doctors will act according to the situation.