Starting today, new rules apply for citizens of 8 countries when crossing the Georgian border

ბოინგ 777-ის ფრენა გააჩერეს

In connection with the spread of a new strain of coronavirus, by the decision of the Interdepartmental Coordination Council of Georgia, new border crossing rules have been introduced for citizens of 8 countries, which entered into force on November 28.

Any person, regardless of nationality, who has traveled to the following countries within the last 14 days, is subject to 14 days of isolation / quarantine in the quarantine zone upon entering Georgia.

These countries:

⚫ South Africa

⚫ Botswana

⚫ Zimbabwe

⚫ Namibia

⚫ Lesotho

⚫ Eswatin (Swaziland)

⚫ Mozambique

⚫ Malawi

After 14 days of isolation / quarantine, these persons will undergo a PCR test.

If a citizen of Georgia crossed the border, then the costs of the quarantine hotel and PCR test are covered by the state, and in the case of foreign citizens - by the foreign citizen himself.

The decision was made by the Coordination Council in connection with the discovery in these countries of a new strain of the coronavirus "Omicron".