For the murder of a young man, the defendant was senten...

The Mtskheta District Court fully shared the evidence presented by the prosecutor's office and found the defendant guilty of the premeditated murder of Mirian Kukava. This was reported by the General Prosecutor's Office of Georgia.The court also found two people guilty of hooliganism committed by the group in the above criminal case.Evidence presented by the prosecutor's office confirmed that on July 28, 2022, in the village of Tskhvarichamia, Mtskheta region, during a birthday celebration, as a result of an altercation, one of the defendants stabbed Mirian Kukava, who died before he was taken to the hospital.The investigation also established other persons who participated in the conflict that took place before the murder, who verbally and physically insulted Mirian Kukava and his friends.A person accused of premeditated murder is charged with article 108 (premeditated murder), article 239, part 2, paragraph “a” and part 3 of the same article (hooliganism committed by a group of persons by prior agreement, using a weapon or other object as a weapon). ) of the Criminal Code of Georgia), and two persons were charged under article 239 of the Criminal Code of Georgia, part 2, paragraph “A” (hooliganism committed by a group of persons by prior agreement).The Mtskheta District Court found all three guilty as charged and sentenced the accused of premeditated murder to fourteen years, and those accused of hooliganism to three years and six months and two years in prison, respectively.We remind you that Mirian Kukava was killed on July 28 last year in Tskhvarichamia (not far from Tbilisi). The murder happened as a result of a quarrel. The young man was killed with cold steel. Young people celebrated a birthday.
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Lari strengthened again - course

The National Bank of Georgia has set a new exchange rate. As a result of trading on March 28, the US dollar depreciated and amounted to 2.5712 lari. Today's exchange rate was 2.5754 GEL. Accordingly, the change in the dollar exchange rate against the national currency amounted to 0.0042 lari.The euro strengthened, the rate of which is 2.7828 lari. While today's exchange rate was 2.7727 GEL.The Turkish lira was devalued, which is 0.1346 lari.The exchange rate established as a result of today's trading will be valid from March 29.
Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili compared former President Mikheil Saakashvili with Anders Breivik, who was convicted of terrorist attacks in Norway. This is how Garibashvili commented on Saakashvili's award named after Sjur Lindebrekke, one of the founders of the conservative party in Norway.Irakli Garibashvili stated that awarding the award to Mikheil Saakashvili is a mockery of the Georgian people. The Prime Minister of Georgia called Saakashvili's rule a "murder regime".“This is about the same as if the award was given to Breivik, who killed a lot of people. Saakashvili killed hundreds of young people,” Garibashvili said.Asked by a journalist if the prime minister has proof of what he said, and why no criminal cases were initiated against Saakashvili on the facts of the murders, Garibashvili noted that the ex-president was convicted in the case of the death of Sandro Girgvliani.The imprisoned third president of Georgia was awarded the prize for promoting human rights, political and economic freedoms and democratic institutions.
In Germany on March 27, a major strike of transport workers began, organized by the railway transport union EVG in conjunction with the Verdi trade union. The strike will last 24 hours and will affect the operation of many modes of transport throughout the country.Almost all flights at the airports of Hamburg, Hannover, Dortmund, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart, as well as Cologne-Bonn airport have been canceled. Berlin Airport continues to operate.The railway concern Deutsche Bahn also announced the suspension of long-distance trains throughout the country. At the same time, the company expects that problems with train traffic will continue on the morning of March 28. Most suburban trains will also be shut down as their operator, DB Regio, has also joined the strike.Public transport workers are on strike in a number of states.The German autobahn operator will also take part in a large-scale strike. Trade unions demand an increase of at least 500 euros per month.About 350,000 transport workers are expected to take part in the strike. The strike will be the biggest strike in Germany since 1992. The German Association of Land Districts spoke negatively about the idea of ​​such a large-scale strike.
Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Vyacheslav Volodin proposed to develop legislative amendments prohibiting the activities of the International Criminal Court on the territory of Russia, as well as to introduce responsibility for assisting this court.Volodin wrote on his Telegram channel that "it is important to organize work to conclude bilateral agreements with friendly countries that provide for mutual renunciation of cooperation and assistance to the ICC.""The Supreme Commander of the Russian Federation should have the right to take any action to protect our citizens in the event that international structures make decisions that contradict the norms of the Russian Constitution," the Chairman of the State Duma also wrote."On the territory of Russia, the decisions of the International Criminal Court, the European Court of Human Rights and other puppet institutions used by Washington to realize its interests are not implemented. Reading international experience, it is right to continue this work," Volodin wrote.On March 17, the pre-trial chamber of the International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for Russian President Vladimir Putin and children's ombudsman Maria Lvova-Belova. The ICC then explained that they made such a decision as part of the consideration of the case on "the illegal deportation of people from parts of Ukraine occupied by Russia - this caused damage to Ukrainian children."
According to the US Ambassador to Georgia, Kelly Degnan, obtaining EU candidate status depends on the implementation of recommendations and reforms that are very clearly spelled out as a guide by the European Union.According to the ambassador, absolutely all interested parties should be involved in this process.The US Ambassador said that obtaining the status depends on the implementation of recommendations and reforms, which are very clearly indicated as a guide by the European Union.“Absolutely all interested parties should be involved in this process, parliament, civil society should be able to participate in it. These are the reforms that did not start today and have been going on for a long time. Some progress has been made, but more needs to be done.This is not a project of one person, this is a project of all Georgia, its citizens, and it is better to do things than to oppose each other. 12 recommendations should be followed, and, most importantly, not superficially, but meaningfully.We have seen that the Georgian people are faithful to the European choice and have firmly decided on it. I hope the government listens to the people,” says Kelly Degnan.
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Ukraine cannot launch counteroffensive due to lack of weapons and ammu...

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot launch a counteroffensive due to a lack of weapons and ammunition.“We are waiting for the receipt of ammunition from our partners. We cannot yet launch a counteroffensive,” the President of Ukraine said. According to him, the situation in the east of the country remains difficult, including because the Russian military daily uses three times more shells than the Armed Forces of Ukraine.In addition, Zelensky stressed that Ukraine needs additional support from allies, including the supply of fighter jets.In late 2022 and early 2023, Russia attempted an offensive in several sectors of the front, but by the end of March, Russian troops had not achieved significant success. Moreover, some Western experts have already expressed the opinion that the Russian offensive has run out of steam and, as expected, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will go on the counteroffensive in the near future.
Khatia Dekanoidze left the National Movement
Member of the National Movement Khatia Dekanoidze left the party. Dekanoidze stated this on the air of TV Pirveli.“I think that this cooperation will end. I can't tell the exact time and moment. But I'm not going to leave politics. When such a decision is made officially, this does not mean that I can do less for Misha or Nika than anyone else. For me, this is a matter of principle and dignity,” said Khatia Dekanoidze.The information that Khatia Dekanoidze might leave the UNM appeared after Levan Khabeishvili won the election of the chairman of the party. Khatia Dekanoidze supported another candidate, Nika Melia.
I am very upset because my son is dying, he is being killed - Giuli Al...
According to Giuli Alasania, the mother of former Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili, she is upset with everyone because she sees that her son is dying. Alasania stated this at the Vivamedi clinic after visiting Mikheil Saakashvili.“What position to talk about when the person is actually no more. He put two pieces in his mouth and then vomited it all up. He actually eats his own body. The attending physician is also very upset, because he sees how the patient is dying in front of him. I am most upset because I see how my son is dying, he is being killed. Since his arrival, this person has not received anything good, so he expects only bad things. He got it in exchange for what he did for his country,” Giuli Alasania said.
Lari depreciated - exchange rate
The National Bank of Georgia has set a new exchange rate. As a result of trading on March 23, the US dollar strengthened and amounted to 2.5768 lari. Today's exchange rate was 2.5754 GEL. Accordingly, the change in the exchange rate of the dollar against the national currency amounted to -0.0014 lari.The euro strengthened, the exchange rate of which is 2.8028 lari. While today's exchange rate was 2.7778 GEL.The Turkish lira strengthened to 0.1353 lari.The exchange rate established as a result of today's trading will be valid from March 24.