"Girchi" liberates 40,000 men from the army, and in Ukraine 50,000 women defend their Motherland" - Tako Charkviani

პარტია „კანონი და სამართლის“ ლიდერი

"Girchi" in Georgia liberates 40,000 men from the army, and 50,000 women defend their homeland in Ukraine," MP Tako Charkviani said, commenting on the information about women who serve in the Ukrainian army.

According to Tako Charkviani, it is necessary not to abolish the army and stop the exercises, but to carry out reforms.

Charkviani states that "in Georgia, everything happens the other way around."

"In our country, the Girchi party will free 40,000 men from the army (in a country with occupied territories), and 50,000 Ukrainian women will defend their Motherland!

We must not abolish the army and not stop training, but we must carry out reforms, but in our country everything is the other way around. "I know young people of this type. These are the sons of their parents who will never defend their homeland. But they are guarded by the police and the security service working for Russia," - Charkviani writes on the social network.